OPINION polls suggest that we are likely to have a Labour government by the end of this year.

However, this is not a cause for hope or celebration.

The programme Labour is proposing is at best unambitious, at worst totally inadequate in relation to the problems we face.

Where is the commitment and funding to reform Social Care in light of the Dilnot report, published back in 2011?

Where is the commitment and funding to tackle inequality which has increased so much under the Tories?

Where is the earlier promise of a Green Revolution?

Instead we have a reported halving of the Green Investment Fund, which at £28bn was already too small to bring about the changes needed; to set this in context, HMRC’s estimation of annual taxes lost is around £35bn.

When Labour came into power in 1945 there was talk of building a New Jerusalem and we witnessed the creation of the Welfare State and the establishment of the NHS.

Now it seems a pledge not to cap bankers’ bonuses is one of their proudest boasts; so much for tackling inequality!

Bill Stuart, Darlington