THIS is not a political letter, but one regarding democracy, being about the referendum.

Both main parties have both remainers and leavers.

Recently some remainers, not all, have been making noises about a second referendum.

May I point out that this was a once in a lifetime vote.

We ruffians, vagabonds, Neanderthals and semi-intelligent voters as described in various newspapers, who preferred Brexit to Remain, did not understand the question.

So, let me put a Brexit voter’s perspective on this.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime vote, not a vote that would be repeated, two, three or four times until the remainers won.

This is not democracy, it’s what these superior intellects regard as their entitlement.

We were in the Common Market/EU for more than four decades, plenty of time to make an impact on our lives.

However, things never materialised, and we were treated as a “cash cow” and sometimes ridiculed by this unelected rabble.

Brexit has been around for about four years and never been given a chance yet, Covid and war having an effect.

The Civil Service and Remain diehards have tried everything to cripple it, not even being prepared to give it a chance.

Anyway, I’ve come up with a solution that should be to the satisfaction of both remainers and leavers.

Why don’t the remainers up sticks and relocate to one of the EU countries, maybe France or Germany?

This will solve a lot of problems, those that love the EU will be where they want to be, and us Brexiteers will be left in a free country we admire – simples!

Gary Mundell, West Auckland.