IT seems to me that all our recent governments have not taken their responsibilities of providing adequate defence forces for our country’s safety.

The current rate of shrinkage of our Navy, Air Force and Army over the years, which seems to be accelerating, means we do not have a very good chance of defending ourselves, let alone carry out any overseas adventures.

Basically, we’re a creaking Third World defence force now.

I think this is summed up by the remarks of Grant Shapps, the current Defence Secretary, who commented recently that drones will make up the loss of troops in our Army.

No wonder he has had five Cabinet jobs in less than two years. What a moron.

Without troops you cannot hold onto any territory (boots on the ground).

The current world situation demands that the Government starts providing and maintaining a creditable force of arms for the country’s wellbeing.

But I will not hold my breath.

Michael Hawkins, Langley Park, Durham.