I HAD to visit my bank of more than 40 years recently needing to make a withdrawal. It wasn’t a substantial amount, £3,000, but I was treated like a criminal.

When I presented my request, the young lady attending me called the manager, who in turn asked me to follow him to his office.

He then proceeded to question me, asking what I intended to do with the money, then unbelievably asked to take a photograph “for future reference”.

They never needed a photo when I was depositing the money.

I was lost for words and felt totally humiliated.

I then was allowed back to proceed with the withdrawal.

There was a line of people waiting to be served.

What they thought had been going on I don’t know, but I felt totally embarrassed.

What did the bank think an overweight, 75-year-old man with two gammy legs requiring the use of a walking stick was going to do?

Stage an armed robbery?

Gary Mundell, West Auckland