WE have all heard of a bridge too far. Well, as far as I’m concerned the Tyne Tunnel has gone too far.

I would like to know how much they have scrounged back from folk like me who have fallen foul of their stupid paying system.

Twice I have been fined for not paying on time.

The second time my wife was with me and I asked her to remind me when we returned home I had to pay the fee as I didn’t want to fall foul of this highway robbery again, but on the way back we went and visited friends and so we both forgot.

And so we got hit for another £32.20.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t pay the toll when you know you’re going to get a proper fine stuck up your Khyber.

It’s a bloody disgrace.

Yes you can pay in advance but we hadn’t planned on using the tunnel.

I’m 65 and my memory is at its best rubbish and not getting any better as I approach the reaper.

I tend to have a prioritising selective memory remembering the important things in life like when to eat, sleep, birthdays, reading The Northern Echo and the like, but come on just how many like me find themselves in this predicament.

It’s literally highway robbery – at least Dick Turpin had the common decency to wear a bloody mask.

I remember going through the Tyne Tunnel when it opened in 1967 as a nine-year-old and it was awesome and I couldn’t wait until we got to the other end safely.

My father had a scrapyard in South Shields and used to deal with a company in Wallsend.

It cut the travelling time down immensely, but now times have changed it into the seemingly Road To Hell (Chris Rea).

John Cumberland, Rushyford