WHY are the media hell-bent on pushing electric vehicles – they are so expensive to buy and the projected mileage you can achieve is lies.

Yes you can achieve what they say if you are being towed by a petrol car or drive at 30mph instead of 70, then you have to wait three hours until a charger is available – when you find one.

Someone I know just travelled 130 miles in his battery-powered Peugeot on a full charge and when it needed to be recharged, it cost him around £25.

In a comparative petrol vehicle, he could have travelled twice the distance for the same amount.

We are being told lies all of the time and the vulnerable public are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Even the way world temperatures are obtained is different to how it used to be.

I remember going to Rhodes on holiday in the early 1980s and the temperature then was 48 degrees Celsius which is equal to 118 Fahrenheit with many locals dying through heat stroke – that’s 40-plus years ago.

And yet we are now being told we are experiencing the hottest months ever?

No we aren’t.

They are lies. 

You are being brainwashed just like Putin is with Russia and Sunak is doing here – are we also to be blamed for the Ice Age?

Our Government is also hellbent on stopping the use of cash.


Easy, so they not only control what we eat, what we drive, where we live, but also have control of our very purse strings.

Just sit back and think.

During Covid the Bo-Jo parties, the country jaunts by Dominic Cummings, the goings-on with Matt Hancock, the PPE scandal etc and you still accept this?

We are being told there is a massive increase in the number of homeless people with a shortage of affordable housing, and yet there is also a massive influx of illegals landing on our shores every day.

Enough is enough.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.