NIGEL FARAGE has had his account closed by the upper-class bank Coutts on the grounds that he is the wrong sort of toff.

As a result, Farage is making out that he is some sort of victim or a political martyr.

I don’t agree with what Coutts did, but I surmise that Mr Farage will get over this minor inconvenience.

He comes from a rich family, and he worked as a trader in the City of London.

Therefore, Farage probably has plenty of dosh and another bank will welcome his not inconsiderable deposit.

Real inconvenience is when disabled and vulnerable people have their benefits sanctioned, when they are finding it difficult to cope with life.

I remember the case of 59-year-old diabetic, David Clapson back in 2014. David had been a British soldier, serving in Northern Ireland, before working for BT.

Later he was forced to quit employment to become his mother’s full-time carer.

His mother died and David went onto Job Seekers Allowance, but he failed to turn up to one JSA assessment and he had his benefits stopped, despite his ill health.

When David was found dead in his flat, he was undernourished, he had no food and his fridge where his insulin was stored was not working, as he hadn’t enough money to fund the electricity meter.

The official cause of death was diabetic ketoacidosis, or alternatively he was killed by an uncaring state, despite having served his country as a soldier.

Moreover, his death was almost completely ignored by the media and the political class of this country, unlike the insignificant troubles of Nigel Farage.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland