RIGHT up to the point the tanks started to roll down the highway to Kyiv at the beginning of Putin’s third invasion of Ukraine’s territory, the Conservative Party was prepared to accept hospitality and donations from Russian oligarchs.

The wealth of the oligarchs in London has dazzled the Conservative Party.

They saw nothing wrong strategically in the UK becoming dependent on Russian gas.

The peerage for Evgeny Lebedev was a massive error of judgement.

Allowing Lebedev to buy UK newspapers was too. It ill becomes a Tory to lecture Zelensky.

In no way have international sanctions here in the UK been applied in a meaningful sense against Russian oligarchs.

This has left the authorities in the US both puzzled and annoyed as their efforts to impose international sanctions are being ignored largely in London.

The massive amount of laundering of dirty Russian money taking place in London shames everyone in the UK.

Nigel Boddy, Darlington.