THE Titanic submersible disaster is a metaphor for our whole social system.

When the ultra-wealthy engage in dangerous trips that involve no great skill these are not adventures, like the conquest of Everest.

They are essentially expensive individualistic vanity stunts, displaying both arrogance and folly.

Revelations the owner/operator of the sub dismissed concerns about safety as red tape and ‘’obstacles to innovation’’, confirm this.

It is disgraceful the fate of five super egos received far more sympathetic UK mainstream media coverage than the deaths of many more people in the Mediterranean, fleeing oppression and tyranny.

So-called ‘news values’ aside, the real issue should have been clear to all.

UN figures suggest 27,000 people are lost or missing in the Med since 2014.

The owners of the Titanic submersible rejected proper regulation and supervision.

Therefore their demise seems morally inevitable and right.

C Walker, Darlington