TO most people in this country, Christianity is no longer relevant, or to a sizeable minority who profess to be Christians, are pick and miss Christians.

What do I mean, these are the people who adhere only to those values which suit them.

This country is by and large morally corrupt.

If the main Christian Churches are wishy washy in their values how can you expect their congregations or believers to be different?

When you have major politicians professing to watch porn or talking about their sex lives as if this is normal, there is a lack of decorum which shows they don’t know the meaning of the word, or if they do it shows they believe this is the norm.

Porn is the most insidious industry there is with the sex trafficking of millions of children worldwide.

Then there is abortion, millions of babies being killed up to, and I have just found this, and after birth. With women’s rights saying it is their right but no mention of the baby’s right.

Now we have the ridiculous transgender agenda drawing in more and more young people who are being brainwashed by liberal lecturers or modern sex education.

Oh, to live in a mainly commonsense world of the past where leaders were leaders and not afraid to stand up to some vociferous minority group and have a moral or Christian guidance in their decisions.

Thomas Ball, Barnard Castle.