ON Twitter a few days ago left-wing journalist, Aaron Bastani, posted a copy of a job advertisement for a neuro surgeon at the Royal London Hospital with a starting salary of £33,000. The job was a one-year contract, so there is little prospect of job security.

For those who are not familiar with the area, the Royal London is located on Whitechapel Road which is a very poor part of the East End. Nevertheless, house prices in the Whitechapel area are phenomenally high with one bedroomed flats starting at £350,000.

Therefore, a neuro surgeon whose skills and intelligence save lives on a daily basis would not be able to purchase a tiny ex council flat, never mind starting a family.

There is something fundamentally wrong with British society when neuro surgeons who contribute most to society are unable to enjoy a decent standard of living.

The economy and society of this country needs fundamental reform.

John Gilmore, Bishop Auckland.