WHEN will the unelected stand-in PM Rishi Sunak and his co-stars stop playing at trying to be a leader?

It’s time Mr Sunak decided to stand down or start doing the job with some of his own original ideas and not borrowed ones.

How can we put our trust in a man who has, since being in a frontline position, done nothing else but try, along with the idiots who put him in this position, to pull Boris, the man he fears, down instead of doing his job and trying to get the country back on its feet.

We can, as they have gone on with Boris, look into the world of the rich Rishi, who has never had a working-class friend, and find a lot of similar problems.

How many of the so-called “parties which were required meetings” was Rishi present at?

According to other MPs, quite a few.

I think we must accept that with Rishi’s help and others plus the Starmer-led Labour party, it was a forgone conclusion that it would be stitch up.

It sounds similar to Starmer’s partygate that a Labour police force eventually would side with him and not the evidence.

The question is do we want an inexperienced person to bring this country down or do we want someone who can do the job like Penny Mordant, who was robbed by Rishi and his crew of the job.

If things do not change with a more competent Chancellor, Cabinet and leader, who the country can trust, the outcome at the next election will see our local Tory MPs gone. One has already jumped ship in Bishop Auckland.

God help us as it will leave the county run by an incompetent Starmer and the unions – his paymasters, which would lead us backwards to the bad old days.

It is now in the hands of the fragile Conservative party and the unblinkered people of this country – only time will tell.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.