WITH ASLEF and the RMT promising strikes for the rest of 2023 and perhaps beyond, it seems that passengers are facing months of difficulties when planning their journeys by rail.

The employers have made several offers linked to changes in working practices that date back to the days of steam, all of which have been rejected. The situation appears to be deadlocked.

However, one TOC (Train Operating Company) has avoided any strike action.

Its trains comprise the ultra modern Hitachi coaches built in Newton Aycliffe.

Its employees are well paid and the trains are driver-only operated, something fiercely opposed by the unions.

I refer of course to the open access service provided by Lumo.

Unfortunately, their trains only stop at Morpeth and Newcastle as they run from Edinburgh to King’s Cross and back.

And the big bonus for its customers is the low prices Lumo offers.

One wonders why other TOCs don’t grasp the nettle and copy the Lumo business model.

DW Lacey, Durham