HISTORY throws up some strange coincidences.

On the day when Parliament, for the time being anyway, saw the back of ex-PM Boris Johnson, democrats, progressives, socialists and social democrats across the country celebrated Jeremy Corbyn’s 40 years in the House of Commons.

Boris Johnson is surely the most disreputable, unprincipled and amoral of politicians.

The Tory-dominated Privileges Committee and Sunak’s Conservative government have both had enough of him.

But he may rise again to do the UK power elite’s bidding, should the need arise.

Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, has an unassailable reputation for probity, principle and personal integrity.

A true tribune of the people.

It is precisely this that makes him a hate figure for the British Establishment.

Johnson’s over the shoulder parting shots were straight out of ex US President, and serial sex abuser, Donald Trump’s playbook.

Both Trump and Johnson sensed working class disillusion with our system presented an opportunity for the right as well as an open doorway to the two biggest rampant egomaniacs in Washington and Westminster.

Johnson’s rise to power was made infinitely easier by the treacherous actions of a Labour Parliamentary Party that should have opposed him.

As long as the Labour Party stands in the way of the British people’s hopes for jobs, decent education, a free NHS, publicly owned mail, rail, energy and utilities, snakes like Johnson will once again slither out of the grass.

C Walker, Darlington.