A READER has got in touch with us to discuss wind turbines on farmland and the blight they create in rural areas.

"OVER the past week, this Government’s next intended attack on rural Britain has been briefed to the London media.

"Not content with their endless cascade of farming regulations, the unceasing attacks on livestock farming, the eco lunatic re-wilding of 30 per cent of agricultural land (who cares about food production and UK food security - certainly not this government!) and their Net Zero Strategy’s plan to make illegal domestic oil boilers from 2026, Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak now apparently intend to alter planning regulations to facilitate the splattering of every hill and dale with wind turbines.

"They will, of course, be promising “local consultation”. But being the very sophisticated operators they are, they will make no mention of the tens of thousands of birds and bats slaughtered by wind turbines and simply widen the consultation area way beyond those in direct sight and sound of the ever taller and more intrusive windmills, and then bombard those thousands of households with a stream of distorted propaganda and dubious promises of “free” electricity.

"Though having seen them casually toss aside most of their key 2019 manifesto promises, hard-headed country folk will be rightly sceptical of such blandishments - has there ever been a prime minister and a government who have been proven to be more instinctively mendacious than this one?"

A J Gobbi, Bedale.

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