A READER has written to us with his views about austerity created by generations of Conservative Governments.

"WHAT’S it like living in austerity 2022 style?

I guess it is much like it was back in 2010 under David Cameron’s regime.

The former Conservative Prime Minister really sold the British public a dud in The Big Society.

He started pruning the money tree, working from the bottom up.

The Big Society was the biggest illusion since Houdini made an elephant disappear on stage in front of a 20,000 capacity crowd.

The idea was to empower local people and their communities and take control away from politicians, not snatch money from the masses.

Ends up it was just a mask to remove billions from the NHS, education, local authorities and welfare.

Okay, Covid came at a cost, so belts needed tightening. But let’s not forget even the millionaires claimed furlough.

And the government were more than happy to give them it.

Now all this cash needs to be paid back, so who ends up paying? Certainly not the well off.

It’s a re-run of 2010 with the poor yet again picking up the tab.

This unfair distribution of the nation’s wealth has not altered since the Thatcher era of 23 years ago."

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.


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