IN the ridiculous world of high fashion – stick thin women with icy glares and ridiculous clothes at ridiculous prices – Alexandra Shulman has always seemed refreshingly normal.

Unlike the glacial Anna Wintour, she’s chubby-cheeked and smiley, occasionally even features High Street styles and serious subjects – and actually looks as though she’s enjoying herself.

After 25 years with British Vogue she’s retiring as editor in chief and in an interview to mark the occasion she said that women set themselves impossible standards. It is impossible, she says, for women to have it all… Excuse me?

Ms Shulman, 59, has had 25 years in one of the top jobs in fashion on, I guess, a little more than the minimum wage. She’s brought up a son, Sam, now 22 and after a divorce is now very happy with her partner.

She’s fit, healthy and when she walks out of the office, the world is hers to command.

If that’s not having it all, then what is? What else can she possibly want?