Hooray for Miss Iceland! Her name – Arna Yr Jonsdottir - doesn’t exactly trip off English tongues, but she’s a star.

The 21 year old blonde, as beautiful as you’d expect a Miss Iceland to be, is a former member of the Icelandic national athletics team and exudes health and vitality as well as good looks.

But she was told she was too fat for a beauty contest. What’s more, organiser of the Miss Grand International Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas told her to lose weight before the final, to stop eating breakfast, have salad for lunch and just drink water at night.

They picked the wrong girl.

Ms Jonsdottir replied with spirit that if the contest’s owner, a Thai business man didn’t like her appearance then “he does not deserve me.” And withdrew from the contest, having first made his comments and her feelings public.

It comes in the same week that a Brazilian model revealed that she was told to lose weight as she was too fat for the catwalk. She seems to be well over 5’10” tall and weighs 7st 12lbs. Her fellow models, she said, lived on the verge of starvation.

So much for the industry’s vow to stop using extremely skinny role models.

It’s ironic that as much of the world’s population gets too fat to waddle around, the fashion industry is starving pretty girls into little more than walking coat hangers.

Meanwhile, Arna Yr Jonsdottir has won national acclaim

She added “In my country my body shape is perfect and that’s what I’m gonna remember. No one will ever tell me anything else.

And has won much more fame and praise than she ever would have for winning some American beauty contest.

JUSTIN Bieber told fans in Birmingham that their screaming was “obnoxious” and in Manchester walked off stage in a hissy fit because fans wouldn’t stop screaming and he wanted to talk to them.

They hadn’t paid a fortune to hear him talk. They’d come to hear him sing. You can’t whip an audience into a frenzy and then expect them to sit quiet and respectful.

If he carries on like that, he’ll soon have all the silence he wants. Then he’ll miss the screams.

SO DO do you have a pumpkin lantern shining in your window and a stack of sweeties for Trick or Treaters? Or are you hiding in the dark and refusing to open the front door?

It is the custom at this time of year of blame the Americans for the commercialisation of Hallowe’en. Though, throughout time, children have always found some excuse to go round the houses begging for sweets or money. Nothing new there.

But if it’s anyone ‘s fault, it’s the Chinese and all those far eastern factories where they turn out vampire masks and witches’ cloaks and ghostly eyeballs and gallons of fake blood.

Halloween is now one of the biggest money-making occasions in the year, second only to Christmas and just ahead of Valentine’s Day – so much more interesting to offer your heart with a stake through it rather than with red roses . We spend a staggering £460million on Halloween .

We now buy 3million pumpkins each year. At least Americans turn it into pie, we mostly sling ours out. What a waste.

Then just think of all those container loads of plastic tack, all those severed hands, owls, bats, grim reaper outfits, chugging halfway across the world, just so children can giggle on your doorstep and get sweets to rot their teeth.

You can criticise Halloween on grounds of bad taste, false tradition, overkill and expense, but probably the best grounds of all would be environmental pollution.

Jelly eyeball, anyone?

NOT so long ago Kylie Minogue was telling us that the secret of her youthful skin was Ponds cold cream at £3.29 a pot.

Now it turns out that she’s having skin-tightening facials using radio waves at £250 a pop.

So that’s why the cold cream hasn’t worked miracles on the rest of us…