A HOTEL is being investigated following reports that a number of people attending a birthday celebration became violently ill.

Brockley Hall Hotel in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, is currently being investigated by Public Health England (PHE) and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council after a number of guests fell ill at a 40th birthday party earlier this month.

Three people were taken to hospital as a result of their illness, with many of those attending suffering vomiting and diarrhoea.

Among those was the birthday girl herself, who ended up in hospital on a drip.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, was planning to travel to Las Vegas to continue her celebrations, but was forced to cancel her transatlantic trip due to her illness.

Speaking to The Northern Echo, the woman said: "We had been looking forward to it for ages.

"We even had friends who had travelled all the way from Australia to join us in the UK before supposedly flying to the States together.

“They (the doctors) were concerned that my blood pressure was low, and my heartbeat and temperature were both very high - I was probably worst hit out of everyone in my party who was affected.

“I was eventually discharged some seven hours later with a course of antibiotics – treatment which I have only just stopped taking.

“I’m starting to pick up now and feeling better – but it has been a long haul," she added.

Dr Peter Acheson from PHE North East’s Health Protection Team, said: “Public Health England North East is working with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council’s Environmental Health team to investigate reports of vomiting and diarrhoea amongst a number of guests who attended an event at Brockley Hall Hotel in Saltburn.

“They are working with the hotel to investigate the incident and ensure measures are in place to prevent any further spread.

“At this stage it’s not possible to pinpoint exactly the source of the illness and further investigation is ongoing.

“People who have symptoms of diarrhoea and vomiting should stay away from work or school until they have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

“Everyone should be encouraged to practice good hand hygiene and wash hands thoroughly and regularly at all times, but particularly after using the toilet and before eating.”

A spokesperson for Brockley Hall said the hotel had not been found to be at fault so far, but investigations were on-going.

"We asked them (PHE) to come and investigate last Friday when I received notification of someone being very ill," they added.