An appeal has gone out from the Mayor of Bedale for residents and visitors to help support the community by backing the weekly market, seasonal car boot sales and local traders. Last year the market and car boot sales which are run by the town council made over £10,000 which is being invested back into the community.

This is being used to keep down the parish precept, invest in play equipment, maintaining the parks and play areas as well as paying for the public toilets which the Town council took over last year when Hambleton District Council said they could no longer afford to run them.

Mayor Amanda Coates said:”We’re just asking people to get behind the town by supporting the market and the car boot sales, and to shop locally as much as they can.

“We are aware these are difficult times for many families and residents, but supporting the local economy is so crucial, Bedale would not be the town it is without our shops and businesses.

“For over 760 years the market has played a huge role in the town and the Town Council has tried hard in the past year to maintain interest and encourage stallholders. We all know it’s been an awful year with record rain levels that have tested all of us, “But the stallholders have battled on, often braving the wind and rain to keep the market going. The same applies to the weekly car boot sales, which also help provide much needed income for local good causes and charities.

“These all bring in money for the council which can be spent on providing local services. The Town Council only employs three part time staff so almost all the money that comes into us can be invested in local amenities and events.

“The market charter was given to the town over 760 years ago and it has been an important part of the town’s progress, the more support we can give the town through shopping local, backing the market and the car boot sales then the more we can guarantee the future of the town as a thriving community.

“Bedale has so much going for it, it is a place people want to live so please give us your backing.”

Hambleton District Councillor John Noone who is also chairman of the Bedale Hall Trust added:”As a community we have worked hard to keep our local services going, and in preserving and improving the Hall. Local support is vital to the future sustainability and viability of the town. The weekly car boot sale is a really good way of increasing footfall and if we can maintain support for businesses, shops and the market we can ensure the future of our community.”