The Eurovision Song Contest has finally arrived in Malmö but where was the first ever competition ever held? 

Olly Alexander is gearing up to represent the UK in the Swedish city after Eurovision legend Loreen won the competition in Liverpool last year. 

The Years and Years singer, 33, is straight through to the final as part of the 'Big Five' and will be performing his song 'Dizzy' to millions across Europe on Saturday night. 

This year's contest is particularly historic for Sweden since it marks the 60th anniversary of ABBA's monumental Eurovision win in 1974 with the chart-topper Waterloo.

So as we mark a new year of glitter and dramatic ballads, let's look back at the first-ever contest.

When did the Eurovision Song Contest start?

The annual singing contest, which is organised by the European Broadcasting Union, began in 1956.

The now highly-anticipated calendar event was first held on May 24, 1956, in Lugano, Switzerland.

It was one of the earliest attempts to broadcast a live televised event to a considerable international market. 

The first competition was not won on points, but by votes (which were given two per country), and only the winner was announced.

In 1956, Switzerland won the contest with the artist Lys Assia with the song 'Refrain'.

Which country has won Eurovision the most?

Ireland and Sweden are the most successful countries at the contest, securing 7 victories each.

Meanwhile, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are tied on 5 times each.

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Has any country never won Eurovision?

There are still some countries that have not won the Eurovision title - yet.

The contest says there are 19 countries still to claim their first win.

There are a few countries that have got painstakingly close though.

Australia, Cyprus, Iceland, Poland and Malta are all the closest countries to a win having at least one second place on their record.