This Morning is in for a major shakeup today as Hollywood A-lister Ryan Gosling 'replaces' Alison Hammond.

In hilarious scenes that will play out today, the Barbie star will nick the daytime presenter's role as he promotes his latest movie Fall Guy alongside co-star Emily Blunt.

After the actor takes control of the interview, Alison asks: “Do you remember me, Ryan?”

Without hesitation, Ryan Gosling responds: "Yes!"

This comes after their 2017 meeting went viral online, seeing Ryan and his Blade Runner 2049 co-star Harrison Ford laugh so much that the interview had to be abandoned.

Recalling the interview, Alison Hammond said: “[Ryan] asked the question, ‘Are you a big fan of the film?’, and I was like, ‘Well, no I’m not! Do I tell him the truth? Do I lie? What do I do?’

“But I thought, you know what, my mum always says, always tell the truth, so I said, ‘I’ve never seen it, babes’, and I think that got things going.

“He started laughing and I started laughing, and it settled the moment.

“After, I thought, ‘Was that any good? Have we got anything? I don’t think we’ve got any content about the film whatsoever.’

“I can remember my producer saying, ‘Don’t worry, we can do something with that, it’ll be fine’.”

The clip, which now has over 18 million views online, shot the This Morning star to worldwide fame, seeing her even receive a message from James Corden.

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Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford 'lose it' during Alison Hammond interview

While setting up for the interview, Alison Hammond reveals that the water glasses on set are from the original Blade Runner film.

Gosling then asks the TV presenter if she enjoyed the originals to which she quickly responds: "Never seen it".

The three of them begin laughing uncontrollably as Gosling states: "I appreciate your candour".

As the interview continues, more laughter and shenanigans ensue as they enjoy hotel alcohol.

Ryan Gosling will star in today's episode of This Morning (April 29) from 10am.