Keith Lemon has revealed the real reason The Keith and Paddy Picture Show was axed by ITV nearly five years ago.

The Keith and Paddy Picture Show first aired back in 2017 and starred Lemon, aka Leigh Francis, alongside Paddy McGuinness as they recreated iconic scenes from Hollywood movies including the likes of Star Wars, Top Gun, Grease, Jaws, Jurassic Park and Dirty Dancing.

The series also featured guest appearances from other famous faces including the likes of Ant and Dec, Michelle Keegan, Stacey Solomon, Nicole Scherzinger, Fearne Cotton and Emily Atak.

Why The Keith and Paddy Picture Show was axed

But The Keith and Paddy Picture Show was axed in 2019 by ITV.

At the time, according to The Sun, a TV source in the Daily Star said: "After a lot of discussions it’s been decided the show won’t return.

"It was a fantastic part of ITV’s schedule and created a lot of buzz because the spoofs were so funny.

"But once ratings started to drop, execs had to make a tough decision to ditch it. They’re both still considered hot properties in the TV world.

"The concept of The Keith & Paddy Show was a good one, so they may get the chance to do spoofs together in the future for other shows.

"Hopefully, it won’t be the last we see of them playing dress-up."


But nearly five years on, Lemon has now revealed the real reason The Keith and Paddy Picture Show was axed.

Taking to Instagram Live recently he revealed to followers that he has decided to "quit comedy" so he could focus on other jobs.

He said: "The next thing I pitch won't be comedy, it's too difficult to get away, someone like me who is on the edge. The next thing I do will be a straight thing."