ITV has revealed two of its comedy series have been axed, after only premiering on TV last year.

The broadcaster has said it has “no plans” to produce more episodes of Deep Fake Neighbour Wars, which launched in January 2023.

It was the world's first long-form narrative show that used AI Deep Fake technology, to turn the UK's “best new impressionists into the world's most famous celebrities”.

“Only here they are ordinary people who happen to be embroiled in petty silly neighbour disputes,” ITV explained at the time.

Among the famous faces who were impersonated were rapper Nicki Minaj, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, England footballer Harry Kane and singer Adele.

ITV confirms these comedy series have been axed

A spokesperson for ITV told The Mirror: "There are no plans for new episodes of Deep Fake Neighbour Wars. The full series will remain on ITVX for everyone to enjoy and sits alongside the many other comedies on the streamer."

Elsewhere, Significant Other “won’t be returning” and the broadcaster has thanked the cast and crew for “bringing the show to our screens”.

The series followed the story of neighbours Sam (Youssef Kerkour) and Anna (Katherine Parkinson).

After meeting, “these two lonely neighbours, who lost all faith in love, embark on a hilarious, obstacle filled relationship”.

The ITV spokesperson added: "Significant Other was a great addition to the comedy season on ITVX last year but sadly it won't be returning for a second series. We'd like to thank the cast and crew for bringing the show to our screens."

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However, ITV has recently launched the new comedy series G’Wed and many more are due to be released this year.

This includes the return of Alan Carr's sitcom Changing Ends and other additions to the broadcaster's schedule such as Piglets, which is set in a fictional police training college.

The six-part comedy about a group of new recruits and their mentors is from the team who were behind Channel 4's Green Wing.

ITV's head of comedy, Nana Hughes previously said: "Piglets was a script that had me laughing from the first page through to the last page."