BBC viewers all seemed to have the same complaint over tonight's Gladiators semi-final.

Viewers were initially surprised to see semi-final contestant Dev appear at host Bradley Walsh's side without wearing a tracksuit.

He then said: "I picked up an injury during the cargo rope in the last qualifying round. I tried to nurse it back to health, but no it wasn't happening.

Walsh asked: "It popped out (shoulder) during the eliminator, didn't it?"

"Yeah I actually had to pop it back in twice and keep climbing, but yeah, it is what it is," a dejected Dev replied.

"Well, that means we'll have to bring back the best-place runner-up from the quarter-final. Please everybody welcome Jake!"

After being introduced by Walsh, a visibly emotional Jake then arrived on stage close to tears, "Wow, you can see the emotion in Jake's face there," the host observed.

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Despite being disappointed his journey was over, Dev backed his replacement: "I couldn't think of a better champion to take my place".

"Dev, this one is for you mate," said Jake.

Jake, 23, a steelworker from Sheffield, previously said he'd dreamed of being on Gladiators since he was 16 years old. 

But not all fans of the show were happy to see him take Dev's place.

One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, made a swipe at his visibile emotion: "Not the Oscar’s yet Jake #Gladiators"

Another said: "Why is up North Jake so dramatic. #Gladiators"

Someone else replied: "Oh no, not Big-headed Jake again #Gladiators"

Not everyone, however, was sad to see Jake return: "Finlay is cursed, every time he shows up his opponent has to drop out. Good to see Jake again though! #Gladiators"