It's nearly time to celebrate World Book Day again, but do you know the date it will be taking place in 2024?

World Book Day was created by UNESCO back in 1995 as a "worldwide celebration of books and reading".

World Book Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world including the UK and Ireland.

The first event in the UK and Ireland took place in 1997. 

Recounting the reasoning behind the creation of World Book Day, founder Baroness Gail Rebuck, said: “We wanted to do something to reposition reading and our message is the same today as it was then – that reading is fun, relevant, accessible, exciting, and has the power to transform lives.”

When is World Book Day in 2024?

World Book Day will be held on Thursday, March 7 2024.

Schools across the UK will hold their own World Book Day activities on and leading up to the event which often includes a dress-up day.

Booksellers will also take part in World Book Day 2024, hosting events and activities.

Families can also celebrate the occasion at home with the World Book Day website offering many activity ideas.

There will also be several official events across the UK to mark the day.

As part of World Book Day, there will also be a range of books available for £1/€1.50 - the full list of which you can see here.

For more information, activity ideas or World Book Day events visit the website.

What is the theme for World Book Day 2024?

The theme for World Book Day 2024 is "Read Your Way".

Explaining this year's theme, the charity said: "World Book Day 2024 will celebrate that children are more likely to enjoy reading when their choices are championed and we make reading fun.


"Reading for pleasure improves children’s life chances across a range of social, educational and well-being measures.

"However, research from the National Literacy Trust found that fewer than 1 in 2 (47.8%) children now say they enjoy reading; this is the lowest level since 2005, and reading enjoyment is lowest among children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Read Your Way calls on everyone to let go of pressure and expectations, giving children a choice – and a chance – to enjoy reading."