Another round of masked celebrities took to the stage in the newest series of ITV’s The Masked Singer.

The second episode saw singer and judge Rita Ora return to hosting duties after missing the premier episode seeing Busted’s Charlie Simpson take on the role.

In the first episode of The Masked Singer, characters such as Cricket, Weather, Rat, Maypole and more took on the challenge with Weather being revealed as legendary singer Dionne Warwick.

This week, (January 6) saw six new masked celebrities appear on the ITV show including Owl, Chicken Caesar, Eiffel Tower and more.

In the end, Chicken Caesar was voted out by judges, but who was the masked celebrity behind the mask?

Who was Chicken Caesar on The Masked Singer?

Chicken Caesar was none other than Alexander Armstrong.

The Pointless host surprised judges as he took off his 'chicken' mask and explained that he chose 'Caesar' over his Roman name, Alexander.

Armstrong shared that he had been "longing to do it" and shared that he "always got messengers" asking if he was on the Masked Singer.

Viewers of Masked Singer shared their surprise after learning of Armstrong, as one X, formally Twitter, user said: "Genuinely surprised at Chicken Caesar being Alexander Armstrong but what a reveal."

Another said: "Alexander Armstrong !!!! Brilliant !!! Love that song."

One more said: "Can't believe Alexander Armstrong aka Chicken Caesar got eliminated so early."

The Masked Singer airs on ITV and ITVX on Saturday evenings from 7pm.