The Met Office has warned that Christmas travel plans could be under threat as Storm Pia is set to bring winds of up to 80mph to parts of the UK.

Weather warnings for high winds for the northern half of the country on Thursday are currently in place, bringing the potential for travel chaos in the run-up to Christmas.

A yellow wind warning, first issued on Monday, has been amended, with the end time brought forward three hours to 9pm and the warning impact level updated.

Winds of between 70mph and 80mph are forecast for northern Scotland, with up to 65-70mph on high ground.

In other parts of Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland, North Wales and England north from Birmingham, as well as the top half of East Anglia, winds could reach speeds of 45-55mph.

Travel plans are likely to be affected, the agency said, with power cuts possible.

High-sided vehicles could be affected on exposed roads and coastal routes could be sprayed by high waves.

The low-pressure system has been named Storm Pia by the Danish authorities, but it was not expected to be severe enough in the UK to warrant being officially named.

Possibility of snow on Christmas Day

Stephen Dixon, a Met Office spokesperson, said: "It is quite a wide wind warning area. Gusts are forecast quite widely."

The Met Office forecasts showers along with the wind, with more rain expected on Friday.

Looking ahead, Mr Dixon said there was the possibility of snow on Christmas Day but only in the far north of Scotland.

"It looks like there will be a drier afternoon in the south of the UK for those post-Christmas dinner walks," he said.