This year might be the first time I have been able to secure all the classic tubs of chocolate for Christmas and I’m not ashamed to admit it might have made my year.

I’m always far too late to every supermarket and end up coming home with a “luxury” box of biscuits instead.

To be honest, I’m not normally bothered about collecting them all but it’s my first Christmas away from my family which I’m finding rather difficult to deal with.

But I knew one way to help with the sadness was to stock up on the most famous festive sweet treats of all; Quality Street, Roses, Heroes, Celebrations and Lindt (I really have treated myself with this one).


Which Christmas Chocolate tub is the best? I compared Quality Street, Roses, Lindt and more (I can’t believe this chocolate was missing, it might have ruined my Christmas) 😭🍫🎄

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For me, they bring such nostalgia as my parents have always had them dotted around the house during December.

Even my nan used to cram them into toy Father Christmases lined up around the fireplace, each one holding wicker baskets ready to be piled with dozens of little chocolates.

They were always the first sign of Christmas throughout my childhood, so I went hunting for them earlier than ever this time.

How do Quality Street, Roses, Heroes, Celebrations and Lindt compare?

Over the years, we have all seen various pictures on social media showing missing flavours, lack of some and way too many of others, but what did the brands have in store for us in 2023?

The Northern Echo: There was one Christmas chocolate tub that shocked meThere was one Christmas chocolate tub that shocked me (Image: Newsquest)

Yes, I did empty every tub out, organised every flavour and counted every chocolate to see which was worth the money and which should probably be avoided in my opinion.

We all have our favourites when it comes to what brand of chocolate we like best, so I decided to go down the route of finding the best one in terms of quantity and selection.

Quality Street - £5.50 from Sainsbury’s or £4 with a Nectar card

Total amount of chocolates: 63

I noticed in this selection that there were lots of Fudge and Strawberry Delights.

However, I found it odd there were only four Green Triangles, four Milk Choc Block and five Toffee Pennies as I personally feel they are some of the most popular.

The Northern Echo: Quality Street has an impressive 63 chocolates inside this tubQuality Street has an impressive 63 chocolates inside this tub (Image: Newsquest)

Rightly so, there were also only four Coconut Eclairs because I feel like these are for a required taste (and all the Bounty lovers).

This one chocolate tub has ruined my Christmas

Roses - £5.50 from Sainsbury’s

Total amount of chocolates: 51

I’m going to be straight up and say it, I think Roses have ruined my Christmas.

There was only ONE Caramel and ZERO Tangy Oranges - I was absolutely furious as they are one of my Cadbury favourites – who can resist chocolate orange anything?

I’m not the only person to notice this as many have taken to social media to voice their disappointment.

Cadbury has in fact responded on X, formerly Twitter, saying some Cadbury Roses products will not include Tangy Orange Cremes due to "supply chain challenges.”

Other than that, the rest of the bunch was evenly distributed, with Strawberry Dream and the classic Dairy Milk dominating the tub.

Heroes - £5.50 from Sainsbury’s

Total amount of chocolate: 60

I was so sad to learn there were only four Crunchy Bites in my tub as they are the first ones I reach for.

There were also only three Fudge which I wasn’t mad about because they are always the last to be eaten in my house.

Wispa lovers are in for a treat as they dominated this Cadbury selection.

Lindt - £15 from Sainsbury’s or £12 with Nectar card

Total amount of chocolates: 36

I wasn’t surprised that the Lindt tin had the least amount of chocolate out of all the ones I compared because let’s be honest, it’s the most luxurious.

Lindt is my all-time favourite when it comes to chocolate brands and I have wanted to get my hands on this festive delight for a few years.

I was pleased to see this had the best evenly picked chocolates and as I wrote in my notes, “this is how I would pack my tin.”

The classic milk chocolate ball took over in terms of quantity (as it should), with five of all the other flavours including Milk and White and Salted Caramel.

The Northern Echo: Lindt is my all time favourite chocolateLindt is my all time favourite chocolate (Image: Newsquest)

There were only four dark chocolate balls too.

Celebrations - £5.50 from Sainsbury’s

Total amount of chocolates: 65

This Mars tub had the most amount of chocolates inside out of all five and I think it’s the one to buy this year.

Not only did it have the highest amount, but it was much more evenly spread.

Celebrations also had the best quantity in terms of different chocolates - from Snickers to Galaxy there was a minimum of five for each.