Shane MacGowan’s wife Victoria has taken to social media to give fans an update on his health.

The Pogues singer is said to be “feeling much better today”, Victoria revealed in a post to her X, formerly known as Twitter, account on Friday, November 17.

With the post, she shared a picture of Shane smiling in his hospital bed. She captioned the post: “Shane is feeling much better today! I am so grateful to everyone who is willing him to get home for the Christmas! @ShaneMacGowan @poguesofficial @EtainsDream”.

Shane MacGowan's wife issues health update

It’s believed that the 65-year-old has been in intensive care for a few months following his diagnosis of viral encephalitis in 2022, Sky News reports.

While encephalitis is uncommon, it is a serious condition which sees the brain become inflamed.

It's life-threatening and urgent treatment in hospital is needed for those suffering with it, according to the NHS website.

People with encephalitis usually have symptoms similar to those of the flu to begin with but then symptoms that are more serious such as seizures and confusion can develop.

Victoria regularly updates fans with MacGowan’s progress and this week she thanked “everyone who has been messaging” herself and Shane as well as some of the visitors he’s had.

With red heart emojis, she added: “love and prayers for everyone who is struggling right now

“hang in there!”

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Since 2015, MacGowan has used a wheelchair after injuring himself in a fall.

From the 1980s, he led the Irish punk band The Pogues who are best known for their hit song Fairytale Of New York which was released in 1987.

In 2018, The Pogues frontman and journalist Victoria Mary Clarke tied the knot in a small ceremony in Copenhagen, Denmark in front of guests including Johnny Depp.