Beloved TV chef and presenter Gino D'Acampo has revealed the one iconic Christmas dish he has banned from his table.

Speaking of the item, which has been served with British Christmas dinners for generations now, Gino controversially claimed that "nobody likes it".

While enjoying the festivities with his wife Jessica and their three children, the cooking expert insisted that Christmas is one of his "favourite" times of the year.

While enjoying Christmas and many of its traditions, he revealed that the one thing he can't stand about the time of year is turkey with the chef opting for seafood.

Gino D'Acampo bans turkey from his Christmas dinner, saying 'no one likes it'

Speaking with Best Magazine, the ITV star said: "Nobody likes it. Christmas is the best day of the year and you do the s***test meal of the year."

He went on to talk about what he cooks up instead of turkey, adding: "The last couple of years, we've had fresh fish and seafood around Christmas time – which I know may be strange to some. In our house, we call it Fishmas."

He revealed that his favourite dishes include grilled lobsters with lemon and extra virgin oil and spicy Brussels sprouts.

The banning of turkey isn't the only unusual thing about Gino D'Acampo's Christmas with the TV personality also revealing that his household celebrates Christmas on December 24.

He said: "We actually celebrate Christmas on the 24th, then wait for midnight when Santa Claus brings presents for under the tree to open the next morning.

"We're not a family of early birds, but when my daughter Mia wakes up on Christmas morning, the whole family has to wake up and head downstairs to open presents – she's too excited to wait!"

This comes after Gino D'Acmapo was spotted for the first time at one of his central London restaurants after his horror crash.

He looked well after a toboggan accident caused three people to reportedly require medical treatment while the star was filming in Austria.