A Big Brother housemate was put up for eviction and one was given immunity from eviction following a Hunger Games challenge.

On Sunday night's (November 5) episode the housemates were split up into two districts and had to compete against each other in various challenges.

District A was made up of Chanelle, Henry, Matty, Noky and Tom whilst District B was made up of Jenkin, Jordan, Olivia, Trish and Yinrun.

They had to test out various skills such as dexterity, balance, risk-taking, strength and endurance.

At the end of the challenges, one person from the losing district was put up for eviction on the show and one from the winning district was given immunity.

Which Big Brother housemate was put up for eviction?

District B ended up losing and as a result, Jenkin was the one from the team put up for eviction next Friday (November 10) after being picked by his teammates.

Meanwhile, Chanelle from District A won immunity from eviction after being voted for by her team, meaning housemates cannot vote for her.

Big Brother housemates left divided after last eviction

Prior to the Hunger Games challenge Paul and Dylan had been the latest housemates to be evicted from Big Brother which saw some tension.

Tom, Olivia and Jenkin were all shocked by Paul’s departure in particular with Olivia saying to Tom: "They did this. Those two girls [Trish and Noky] did this.”

Speaking about Paul, Tom said: “He was literally one of the most genuine ones of us all.”

Suggesting she will face the public vote again, Trish said to Henry: “I’m going to be wearing these dresses again.”

Henry laughed at this comment which left Tom less than impressed.

"They’re f***ing giggling right now. I can’t do this," he commented.

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