Big Brother's Halloween task saw three housemates put up for a sudden eviction. 

Noky was 'possessed' by evil Big Brother who got to choose a partner and chose housemate Trish.

Sharing why she picked Trish, Noky said it was because "she was one of the only housemates she trusted".

Trish and Noky were chosen to pick the nominated housemates with all three facing a same-day eviction. 

Who is up for eviction in the Big Brother Halloween task?

Trish and Noky each got to choose one housemate and chose one together. 

Trish chose Olivia as she found her to be slightly rude and slightly confrontational, for her liking.

Whislt Noky picked Dylan as she thought he had become too much and described him as 'two-faced'.

Together, the Big Brother housemates picked Kerry, sharing they thought she was at times 'fake'.

How to vote for Big Brother Halloween eviction

If you know who you would like to evict from the Big Brother house you can vote now via the Big Brother app.

However, you will have to be quick as voting is not open for long.

Big Brother viewers have five votes each which can be used for one or split between the three housemates.

Big Brother airs on ITV2 and ITVX.