Now that Big Brother is in its third week, the drama is in full swing and the tension between housemates continues to grow.

So far in the ITV series, two housemates have been evicted and now one name is set to be added to the list on Friday Live Eviction show.

The first Big Brother housemate to be evicted was Farida followed by Zak in week two.

Now, for the first time in the ITV reboot, three housemates face eviction in a shocking twist to the reality TV show.

Find out who is up for elimination in week three of Big Brother below.

Who is up for eviction in week three of Big Brother?

This week, housemates Dylan, Hallie and Trish all face the public vote ahead of Friday night’s third live eviction of the series.

Trish received five nominations from Dylan, Jenkin, Kerry, Paul and Tom, making her the most nominated.

Meanwhile, Dylan gained four nominations from Kerry, Noky, Olivia and Trish.

Lastly, Hallie also received four nominations from  Chanelle, Jenkin, Jordan and Tom. 

However, one nominated housemate was originally not up for eviction but following a rule break, was forced to face the public vote.

Fan favourite Yinrun broke a Big Brother rule after discussing nominations, meaning her nominations for Hallie and Kerry were revoked, ultimately leading to Dylan facing the public vote alongside Hallie and Trish.

Friday night will see either Dylan, Hallie or Trish be evicted from the Big Brother house.

How to vote on evictions in Big Brother 2023

Viewers will be able to cast their vote on evictions via the Big Brother app which can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

On the ITV website, it says: "Users will have to click on the button ‘Vote Now’ in the app, and will be redirected to (the “website”).

"Users should follow the instructions to cast their vote for each voting window. Users will be required to register on the website before being able to vote."

People who use the app to vote will be limited to five votes per registered mobile number per voting window.

Each voting window will close at a time indicated in the relevant episode.

ITV adds: "Any votes unused by the end of each voting window will be lost and cannot be claimed for use in the next voting window."

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX.