Viewers of ITV's Big Brother have been left 'exhausted' as three contestants seem to be involved in a love triangle. 

Matty, Henry and Jordan have been keeping viewers entertained as flirty comments and conversations have kept them on edge. 

Since the show started, Henry and Jordan have remained close together with the pair often referring to each other as 'husbands'. 

But in the last few days, Big Brother viewers have noticed that Matty has become closer to Jordan, creating a love triangle. 

Big Brother viewers 'exhausted' by love triangle 

In the latest episode of Big Brother, Jordan and Matty shared a deep conversation during the shopping task. 

Both lying down in the garden, Jordan told Matty that he would like the flirty comments to come to an end as he earlier revealed he was confused about his feelings in the diary room.

Arguing that they would try and spend less time together, Jordan once again referred to Henry as his 'husband' and wanted to try and not let his feelings towards Matty grow.

Whilst the love triangle is complicated for the Big Brother contestants, fans are enjoying having their say, as one viewer shared: "Matty and Jordan is a trainwreck what is interesting but also tiring to watch..."

As another added: "It's quite sad that Matty has just made this really nice friend and Jordan is now having to distance himself due to...well, fancying him."

One more Big Brother fan said: "The reason Jordan doesn’t want to have the “serious talk” is because he knows Matty will say he doesn’t see him that way so he shuts it down."

Big Brother is on ITV2 and ITVX.