A new crime series will be premiering on Netflix later this week starring The Irishman’s very own Stephen Graham among other famous faces.

Created by Paul Tomalin, Bodies is based on a DC comic and graphic novel of the same name by Si Spencer.

It follows the story of four detectives from different time periods in 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053.

But in a twist, it turns out they have all discovered the same body in a London backstreet and must work together to solve the murder.

What is Bodies on Netflix about?

Tomalin told Netflix: “It’s a police-procedural show that shifts and transforms from moment to moment, so you never know what’s coming next… This is a kinetic, ambitious thrill ride — a wolf in [a] detective drama’s clothing.”

Fortune-Lloyd who plays Detective Sergeant Charles Whiteman commented: “Each detective is going through very different things, but each of them starts to work out that this is no ordinary cadaver.

“There is something very dark and menacing behind its appearance in these different time periods.”

See the full cast list of Bodies on Netflix

This is the full cast list for Bodies according to Netflix:

  • Amaka Okafor - Shahara Hasan, “a dedicated, sometimes rash detective sergeant living in 2023”
  • Jacob Fortune-Lloyd - Charles Whiteman, “a morally dubious detective sergeant in 1941 London”
  • Kyle Soller - Alfred Hillinghead, “a by-the-book detective inspector living in 1890”
  • Shira Haas - Iris Maplewood, “a savvy detective living in 2053”
  • Stephen Graham - Elias Mannix/Julian Harker, “founder of authoritarian group The Executive”
  • Tom Mothersdale - Gabriel Defoe, “a leader in quantum gravity theory, aka time travel”

Watch the trailer for Bodies starring Stephen Graham

You can watch the trailer for Bodies featuring stars from Peaky Blinders, The Queen’s Gambit, Poldark and more below:

Where was Bodies filmed?

Bodies was filmed in Leeds but it’s actually based in Whitechapel, London.

Kyle Soller who plays Detective Inspector Alfred Hillinghead said: “The sets they built and the locations, not just in Leeds but also in places like Bradford and Rotherham, were amazing,”

The actor’s scenes were set in the late 19th century, he added: “It really felt like we were stepping into Victorian England, which must have been pretty grim. I don’t think I’d have survived back then.”

When is Bodies available to watch on Netflix?

Bodies will be available to watch on Netflix from October 19.