Big Brother has been on our TV screens on and off for the best part of two decades and in that time many contestants have stayed in the UK's most-watched home.

The popular reality programme, which sees total strangers share a house while being broadcast to the nation, was recently acquired by ITV for a new 2023 series.

One question that has been asked by fans of the show for years is whether or not the contestants actually get paid to appear.

When does Big Brother 2023 start?

Big Brother returns to British TV on Sunday, October 8 from 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

Who are the Big Brother contestants for 2023?

The contestants for Big Brother 2023 have not yet been revealed with this being a closely guarded secret until the launch night of the anticipated programme.

How much are Big Brother contestants paid to appear on the show?

Big Brother housemates are paid to appear on the show with this having been the case for previous iterations of the programme.

However, the exact amount paid to each contestant by ITV is yet to be confirmed.

When Channel 5 aired the programme, those entering the Big Brother House were paid £50 a day.

Mark Byron, who took part in Big Brother 15 said that housemates are offered a small cash sum to handle bills on the outside world.

Speaking with the Liverpool Echo, he said: "They give you a little bit to help you, they do give you a subsidy.

"I think, when I was on, it was only something like £50. It's not a lot but they do help you.

"It was like £50 for every day you're in there which isn't a lot but if you're in there for 13 weeks it soon adds up."

In comparison, those on the U.S. version of the show are reportedly paid $1000 a week - roughly £819.