Everyone's favourite Channel 4 architectural show Grand Designs is officially back on screens as host Kevin McCloud meets the ambitious individuals building their dream homes

The 23 previous seasons have seen everything from giant curved glass homes to mansions built out of clay and former water towers.

Now, more keen builders are ready to take on the task not for the faint-hearted as Kevin travels around the UK to see the new builds in Grand Designs.

This week's edition of Grand Designs sees Kevin meet college deputy principal Danny who has mammoth tasks on his hands.

North Lincolnshire dad takes on sustainable home in Grand Designs

Based in North Lincolnshire, Danny hopes to create a four-bedroom home in his garden with plans for a stylish, sustainable but affordable home to be built.

Not only does the deputy principal want a sustainable home, but he also wants it to be among the trees with dramatic bedroom pods raised on steel stilts on the edge of a fishing pond to help his three children connect to nature.

However, with plans to build it all by himself with no experience and a budget of £300,000, it seems like a much tougher task than he hopes.

Last week saw Wye Valley couple Rosa and Craig turn a former railway reservoir into a brand new modern home.

Like many Grand Design projects, not everything went to plan as the couple faced financial issues, a pandemic, pregnancy and a schedule that grew from 12 weeks to three years.

But the couple were able to complete the build, in another successful yet daunting, new home on Grand Designs.

Grand Designs airs at 9pm, starting on Wednesdays on Channel 4 and All 4.