BBC Breakfast dealt with a chaotic moment on the show this morning (October 3) as it was interrupted by a heckler who shouted, “scrap the licence fee.”

Presenters Sally Nugent and Jon Kay were hosting the programme which featured a live slot from a reporter in Manchester,  where the Conservative Party Conference is currently taking place.

In the news segment, Peter Ruddick spoke to Sally and Jon from Manchester Piccadilly train station to talk about the HS2 from Manchester, which recent reports suggest is going to be scrapped.

But it was only a few seconds into the report when a man appeared on camera.

Peter began by saying: “From train strikes to delays and cancellations, passengers here are fairly used to uncertainty these days – there has been in recent days a palpable sense of lack of surprise around these reports.”

As he went on to talk about the concerns of costs and delays towards the HS2 project, a man barged into Peter and shouted: "Slash the TV licence fee you greedy, vulgar…”

The member of the public wearing a high-vis jacket and hat was soon drowned out, before the camera cut back to the studio.

Sally soon jumped in and said: “Erm, Peter having a little bit of unwanted attention there, so let’s move on shall we for a moment.”

BBC Breakfast viewers react to 'scrap the licence fee' interruption

BBC One viewers were quick to have their say on social media, as some took to Twitter saying "oh dear."

One account posted: “Most sensible thing said in TV this morning ‘scrap the tv licence fee’ #BBCBreakfast

Meanwhile, this person wrote: “Absolutely dead at the man who was screaming about the TV Licence on #BBCBreakfast just now”

“Been a while since they’ve had that on the Beeb! #BBCBreakfast,” added another.

Another tweet said: “Oh dear #BBCBreakfast”

"Made my morning," shared a user.