Wes Anderson is known for his colourful, symmetry-inspired films and he is now bringing his magic to Netflix.

This September, the film director is premiering his latest Roald Dahl adaptions on the streaming platform including The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, The Swan, The Rat Catcher, and Poison.

It comes 14 years after Anderson created the comical animation Fantastic Mr. Fox – the book first published by Dahl in 1970.

Speaking to Netflix about his adaption of Henry Sugar, Anderson said the story “captivated him as a child for two decades” but he struggled with how to tell the tale without using Dahl’s “magical words."

He explained: “I am equally interested in the way Dahl tells the story as I am in the story itself.

“If I do it using his words, his descriptions, then maybe I know how to do it.”

Anderson’s new short films tell each Dahl story in a “bold and unpredictable way.”

He asked each cast to recite Dahl’s spoken words to the audience as they acted them out, with pieces of the set coming and going, similar to a play on stage.

How to watch Wes Anderson’s new Roald Dahl short film on Netflix and full cast list

Anderson’s short films will be coming to Netflix on a one-per-day basis.

Henry Sugar arrived on Wednesday (September 27).

Meanwhile, The Swan, The Rat Catcher, and Poison will follow on these dates:

The Swan (17 minutes)

Date: Thursday, September 28

Cast: Rupert Friend (Narrator), Ralph Fiennes (Roald Dahl), Asa Jennings (Peter Watson)

The Rat Catcher (17 minutes)

Date: Friday, September 29

Cast: Richard Ayoade (Editor/Reporter), Ralph Fiennes (Rat Man), Rupert Friend (Claud)

Poison (17 minutes)

Date: Saturday, September 30

Cast: Dev Patel (Woods), Benedict Cumberbatch (Harry), Ralph Fiennes (Roald Dahl), Ben Kingsley (Dr. Ganderbai)

Anderson added: “I like the idea, right off the bat, of having a little company play the whole film.

“They took it and did it. You hand it to them, and then you step back and watch.”