The thought of giving birth can be a daunting but exciting one and if it’s your first time doing it, you’ve probably been trying to learn as much as you can about it to help you know what to expect.

However, you might find some things you think will be less than pleasant could actually turn out to be better than you think.

One subject which seems to be a bit of a taboo one and perhaps embarrassing for expectant mothers is the thought of accidentally having a poo while delivering the baby.

One midwife took to TikTok to explain that actually, pooing in the delivery suite is a positive part of the experience – here’s why.

Why pooing while giving birth is a positive and not a negative

TikTok user and midwife @mamadinya has made light of the situation as she cheerfully explained exactly why a woman pooing while giving birth is actually healthy.

She took to the social media platform to reassure pregnant women and said: “If there is one thing that every delivery midwife loves to see, we love to see poo.”

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Her DMs (direct messages) are full of women telling her that they’re scared to poo while giving birth and she says her response to those messages is “let’s have it!”

She adds: “Poo is the biggest sign that baby’s coming. Let’s get the show on the road like baby is coming right now.”

Also in the TikTok video, @mamdinya explains to expectant mothers that midwifes regularly “coach you” into pushing as if you’re having a poo so she says anyone who does poo while giving birth has “passed your assignment” because they did exactly what they were told.

She asks her followers “why is it a big deal? It’s poo.” She even says that she pooed ten minutes ago to further drive home her point that we all do it day to day when not giving birth.

TikTok users rush to comments to ask to book the midwife for their labour

TikTok users, some of which aren’t even pregnant, have asked @mamadinya to be their midwife after watching the video.

One said: “I’m not pregnant but can I book you for my future midwife please?”

Another said: “Considering having another baby purely so you can be my midwife”

A third said: “Am I pregnant? No. Am I even married? Nooo. Do I want her as my MW? YESSSS”

With a tearful face emoji, another said: “I love how you’re making having babies normal thing and not traumatizing.”