Popular ITV breakfast show This Morning was pulled off the air this week when beloved Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes kept swearing on live television.

The incident left many viewers astounded and in hysterics, as the actress and well-known personality gave callers unusual suggestions for their problems.

Miriam took the role of an agony aunt as fans of the show called in but this took a turn when she began using swear words and giving out brash advice, much to the surprise of hosts Holly Willoughby and Josie Gibson.

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This Morning 'pulled from air' after Miriam Morgolyes agony aunt segment 

When one This Morning caller asked whether she should take action against an inconsiderate neighbour constantly parking on her property, the 82-year-old said: "It's a problem with neighbours because - I think you have to go to them and say 'I really need to talk to you about this because my health is being affected. I'm not happy and that's not fair is it?' And then if they're still like that, throw s*** over the walls".

Taken aback by the suggestion, Holly Willoughby and Josie apologised for the comment and urged ITV viewers not to resort to violence or vandalism.

Another caller was seeking advice for feeling neglected by her partner, explaining that when he comes home from work, he sits on his phone and largely ignores her and the kids.

Miriam Margolyes responded, suggesting that she strip naked and "show him what she's got".

She added that she should take his phone away and yell at him to put the  "f***ing phone away".

While the actress mouthed the swear word, many viewers subtly heard it with Holly being forced to apologise again.

Miriam defended herself, explaining that she only mouthed the world and didn't actually say it.

After this, the rebroadcast of the episode on ITV+1 removed this segment with viewers being met with a blank screen stating: "We'll be back soon. We are temporarily unable to bring you our +1 service. We will resume shortly."