The Women's World Cup final was momentarily interrupted by a pitch invader in the 24th minute.

A pitch invader was able to get past security before falling over, and then promptly being handled away by security and stewards.

The match was quickly able to resume following the momentary delay.

Tweeting from the game at Stadium Australia, one fan wrote: "pitch invader. the bloke got past security and was running straight at lauren hemp … only to fall over his own feet allowing the guards to jump him. couldn't see what was on his shirt."

The pitch invader is believed to have been protesting against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war against Ukraine.

They wore a T-shirt featuring a picture of Putin with Adolf Hitler's hair and moustache superimposed, with the message: "Stop Putler."

The back of their black T-shirt was adorned with the Ukraine flag, and the slogan: "Free Ukraine."

Describing the incident, BBC commentator Robyn Cowan said that it had been "dealt with swiftly."

Co-commentator Rachel Brown-Finnis then added: "They know their rugby around this part of the world - not a bad tackle."

The score was level at 0-0 when the incident occurred, however, five minutes later, Spain took the lead through Olga Carmona's low drive arrowed into the bottom corner.