Sometimes it can feel like you are using the washing machine non-stop after a busy week when the washing basket is overflowing.

With the rising cost of energy bills and the expenses of everyday life, many households will be worried about how much it could be setting them back.

But it turns out using your washing machine at certain hours of the day could be the cheapest.

Cleaning and Laundry experts at Dr. Beckmann suggest getting through your never-ending washing pile during this daytime hour could slash your energy bills.

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What's the cheapest time of the day to put your washing machine on?

The “magic hour” to use your washing machine is from 7am until 8am, so it could mean an early start for some but this is when costs for usage are at the lowest.

Although the price of energy will largely depend on your tariff, electricity suppliers usually increase their prices during peak times of the day when energy usage is at its highest, reports The Mirror.

In summer, this is between 8am and 10pm and according to research by the experts, 85% of people do their washing loads when energy prices are at the most expensive.

How much money can you save using your washing machine from 7am-8am?

Dr. Beckmann experts said you can lower the price of your electric bills even more, by “switching to a lower temperature for your wash.”

The Northern Echo: Have you tried using your washing machine at this hour in the daytime to save money?Have you tried using your washing machine at this hour in the daytime to save money? (Image: Getty)

They claim reducing your wash to 30 degrees cuts costs by 40% but a 20-degree cycle can reduce rates by more than half at 62%.

The Mirror added: “47% of Brits claim their monthly energy bill costs them up to £200, and using data from Money Saving Expert, they [experts] were able to conclude that while using your washing machine at peak times would cost you around 35.6p, using it at off-peak times, or during the magic hour, could cost as little as just 11.7p.”

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson Chloe Baker offered some safety advice when using the appliance, she said: "With households struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, a simple change like switching to the magic hour can make a real difference to your energy bills.

“We've highlighted this hour as 7am – 8am, as we'd never recommend putting a load on before heading to bed, due to health and safety.

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“This magic hour provides you with enough time to fill and empty your washing machine before heading out to work or for the school run."

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Is it illegal to use your washing machine at night in the UK?

For those who tend to use their washing machine late at night to avoid the charges during peak times, you may have been wondering if you need to be cautious about noise levels disturbing your neighbours.

UK laws declare noise should be kept to a "minimum" after 11pm but it is not illegal to use your washing machine at night, reports In The Wash.

However, it could be “bad manners” if it disturbs other residents.

In The Wash adds: “Councils can investigate complaints of noisy neighbours, especially if the noise occurs between 11pm and 7am.

"If the council deem the noise to be excessive, they can issue a warning letter under the 1996 Noise Act."