When it comes to knowing what the best food to consume is in order to remain healthy, it can be overwhelming.

Not only is there a lot of advice on the internet these days, but the nation has become more interested in dissecting the ingredients on supermarket items, as they make their way down the aisles during their weekly food shop.

But despite what people may read about these four “healthy” items of food to add into your daily diet, Dr Michael Mosley thinks otherwise.

This is why the TV diet specialist suggests they can cause “more harm than good” and why shoppers should save money by leaving them on the shelf next time they’re tempted to pick any up.

Writing on his website The Fast 800, Dr Mosley said: “Let us give you a run through of those 'healthy' foods that may actually cause more harm than good, so you know what to avoid next time you’re navigating the supermarket.”

Some 'healthy' foods which are not always the best for your health

Vegetable crisps

Dr Mosley said that although there may be “real vegetables” in a packet of vegetable crisps, they are “far too small to provide any real nutritional value”.

He added: “They are fried in sunflower oil to get the crunch you’re so familiar with. Not to mention, their sodium content, mixed with their carbohydrates and fat content, makes them so addictive that you’ll struggle to stop yourself going back for more.

“Vegetable crisps, in reality, are no healthier than a standard packet of potato crisps. If you are looking to satisfy your craving for crunch, there are ways to do so without jeopardising a healthy lifestyle.”

The Northern Echo: Do you often crave a bowl of salty vegetable crisps?Do you often crave a bowl of salty vegetable crisps? (Image: Getty)

Low-fat products

The 66-year-old went on to say there are a few reasons why people should be avoiding low-fat products, such as:

  • “Low-fat products are stripped of their nutrients and often laden with additives and sugar. This is to compensate for the flavour that gets removed in the process of making them fat-free.”
  • “Products high in sugar and low in fat will spike your glucose levels and leave you craving more as there is nothing to prolong the energy release.”
  • “Eating healthy fats, rich in mono and poly-unsaturates will not only satisfy your taste buds but curb your appetite too as they slow the rate in which the stomach empties, delaying its cue to signal for more food.”

Flavoured Porridge

This popular breakfast item can be quick and easy to eat for the most important meal of the day, but should you also avoid it?

The Northern Echo: ‘Just add water’ sachets can have an 'astonishing' amount of sugar per serving, says Dr Mosley‘Just add water’ sachets can have an 'astonishing' amount of sugar per serving, says Dr Mosley (Image: Getty)

The BBC presenter advises: “If you’re finding yourself with the ‘just add water’ sachets, you may as well be having three spoonfuls of sugar instead as some brands have an astonishing 16g of sugar per serving.”

Commercial salad dressing

One that people might think shouldn’t cause too much harm to their health is commercial salad dressing, especially for those who only use a drizzle every now and again.

But Dr Mosley says it may be the reason people are “struggling to make progress” with improving their health.

He continued to say: “Not only do commercial dressings have a significant amount of calories per serving (and not many of us actually stick to the recommended serving of one tablespoon), they’re also packed with additives, to extend their shelf life, thickeners, hidden sugars and other nasties that simply don’t belong in your cupboard!”

More information on other “healthy” foods which aren’t always the best alternative can be found on The Fast 800 website.