Former Love Island host Laura Whitmore has opened up about her 'scary' stalking incident where she received 'threatening letters'.

The TV presenter, 38, has shared that she was a victim of a stalking incident - an event that she admits she hasn't "told many people" about.

Whitmore, who is married to Love Island narrator and comedian Iain Stirling, revealed that she received "scary" correspondence to her home and workplace from someone who would not leave her alone on her new ITX documentary, ‘Laura Whitmore Investigates’.

Speaking on the programme, Laura shared: “I haven’t told many people this but I was the victim of a stalking incident.

The Northern Echo: Laura Whitmore presented Love Island for three seasons. ( Bang Showbiz)Laura Whitmore presented Love Island for three seasons. ( Bang Showbiz) (Image: Bang Showbiz)

Laura Whitmore received 'threatening letters' to her work and home

“I was receiving threatening letters to my workplace and eventually got correspondence to the letterbox at my home, which makes it feel more real.

“The perpetrator set up some fake online profile accounts and this was years ago, social media wasn’t as big as it is now. I didn’t really know it was stalking, or what it was, I just knew it was scary.

“There’s an expectation, I guess, if you have a public profile that this behaviour will come with the territory.”

The TV presenter, who has been succeeded by Maya Jama as Love Island's host, also recently shared how frightened she was about her stalking incident.

She told BBC Breakfast: "I had a stalking incident years ago and I almost was afraid to talk about it because there's embarrassment, when I went to the police at that time.

"I was told it was 'kind of expected with the type of job you have' and then you're a bit mortified and you don't say anything else.

"So these three films that I've made about different topics, the darker side of humanity looking at everything from toxic masculinity to cyberstalking and more, I need to talk about these things because if we don't talk about it, it won't get better."