After you’ve done the weekly food shop, it can be quite frustrating when you realise you have bought far too much food and begin worrying it might go off before you get a chance to use it all.

Sometimes you can forget what’s in there and only come across it once it’s blue and fluffy.

To help you make your food last longer and to find out what should and shouldn’t be stored in your fridge, Which? has revealed the most common food storage mistakes.

The consumer champion has also disclosed the “science-based tactics” to reduce food waste and save money, as the cost of living crisis continues.

Some of the most common food storage mistakes to avoid

Are you stocking your fridge correctly?

The temperatures in your fridge vary depending on the area, so stocking specific food in the right places could make them last longer for you and your family.

Which? explained: “The top shelf is usually the warmest (unless you've got a freezer compartment up there), and is best for ready-to-eat foods such as cheese, yoghurts, dips such as houmous and desserts. Middle shelves are good for cooked meats, eggs, butter, milk, leftovers, ready meals and fruit, while the bottom is the coldest, and best for raw meat, poultry and fish.

“If you have two fridge drawer compartments, use one for fruit and the other for vegetables. If you have only one, use it to store vegetables and place your fruit on the middle shelves. Don't store fruit and veg together, as some can make the other go off more quickly.

The Northern Echo: If you've been searching the internet for tips on how to make your food last longer, Which? have got you coveredIf you've been searching the internet for tips on how to make your food last longer, Which? have got you covered (Image: Canva)

“The door is one of the warmest areas, as regular opening and closing causes the temperature to fluctuate. Keep low-risk items such as condiments, jams, pickles and chutneys here, as well as water, juice and wine.”

Check your fridge temperature setting

Your fridge temperature should be set between 0-5 degrees as a warmer fridge (above 8°C) could put you at risk of harmful bacteria growing and making your food inedible.

There are salad items that don’t belong in the fridge

We have all been guilty of putting the wrong things in the fridge at one point or another, but some food can actually survive better outside of it.

Tomatoes and cucumbers last longer at room temperature, similar to bananas, bread, onions and garlic.

Which? reports that by doing this, it stops cucumbers from going soggy while tomatoes taste better when they aren’t cold.

Potatoes no longer belong in a ‘cool, dark place’

Previous advice from Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggested potatoes should be kept in a “cool, dark cupboard” due to cold temperatures which were thought to increase levels of acrylamide, a chemical produced when potatoes are cooked at high temperatures.

The Northern Echo: Where do you store your potatoes?Where do you store your potatoes? (Image: Canva)

However, this has now changed as the FSA says its research shows it's now safe to store potatoes in the fridge and it also increases their shelf life.

Be aware of ethylene-producing foods

Apples, bananas and melons are types of fruit that produce ethylene, a gas that causes vegetables to over-ripen and spoil quicker, says Which?

They are also “sensitive” to the gas, therefore they cause other fruit to spoil and also go off more quickly if they're near other ethylene-producing fruit.

Mushrooms also produce ethylene so it’s recommended to keep them out of your fridge drawer.

How to make your salad leaves last longer

Bags of salad can often be the first item in your fridge to turn brown and mushy.

The experts explained: “Which? members told us they extend the life of their bagged salad by adding a sheet of kitchen roll to the bag once it's opened and sealing it with a clip. This helps to absorb excess moisture.

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“Alternatively, remove the leaves from the bag, dry them and transfer them to an airtight container lined with kitchen roll.”

If you have freezer storage, make the most of it

Fresh meat, poultry, fish milk, bread and cheese are just some of the ideal products you can freeze if they are near their end dates.

If chopped into portions, it can be easy to take them out of the freezer and only use what you need when the time comes.

More information about the most common food storage mistakes can be found on the Which? website.