*Trigger warning - article contains mention of rape and human trafficking*

British-American social media personality Andrew Tate has been charged with alleged rape and human trafficking in Romania.

Andrew, his brother Tristan and other associates were also charged with forming a criminal crime group to sexually exploit women.

All those charged have denied the allegations with the Tate brothers first being arrested in Bucharest in 2022.

The Northern Echo: (Canva) Andrew Tate rose to notoriety online via social media(Canva) Andrew Tate rose to notoriety online via social media (Image: Canva)

On March 31, Andrew Tate and his brother were moved from custody to house arrest to await the ruling of a Romanian judge.

The indictment put forward in the Bucharest court says that the four defendants formed and were part of an organised crime group in 2021.

This group is alleged to have committed human trafficking in the Eastern European nation as well as in other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

It also names the alleged victims who were said to have been recruited by the Tate brothers via false promises of marriage.

The trial is expected to take up to several years before a judgment is made on the case.

Andrew Tate rose to prominence with his online videos considered by many to be misogynistic and deeply damaging to social media discourse.