The first semi-final of Britain's Got Talent saw Musa Motha and Amy Lou Smith make it through to the main event.

The two were the first contestants to make it to the final in Monday night's (May 29) first live semi-final of the current series.

Eight acts who made it through the audition phase took part tonight, with only two guaranteed a place in the final.

One of those would be decided by public vote, whilst another would be the decision of the judges.

Who made it through to the BGT final?

Musa Motha wowed the judges and audience in his audition, with the 27-year-old, who only has one leg because of an amputation, dancing using his crutch and bringing out some great tricks.

It prompted all four judges to press the 'golden buzzer' together which sent him straight through to the semi-final.

After performing another uplifting dance, which some viewers described as "inspirational", he ended up winning the public vote to get through.

Meanwhile, the battle for the second spot was closely contested, with the judges having to pick from the powerhouse vocals of Amy Lou or Abi Carter's song deconstructing fairy tales.

The judges were split, with both of them getting two votes each, which meant it went down to the public vote again.

In the end, Amy Lou won out to make it as the second contestant to get through to the final.

This drew some slightly mixed reactions from the viewers watching at home, with one writing: "Congrats Amy. Your performance was astonishing."

Another put: "so happy she is through to the final such an incredible singer".

However, one posted: "Absolute joke... she was more boring and pointless than Pineapple on Pizza." 

One echoed similar sentiments, writing: "Pub singer at best, the other girl should have got thru."