Simon Cowell has opened up about how a horror bike crash changed his life.

The Britains Got Talent judge broke his back when he fell off his electronic bicycle in 2020, leaving him bedbound for a month.

As a result of the incident, he had to adapt his lifestyle choices and as part of his recovery became “obsessed” with cycling.

Speaking on The Today Show, he said: "It was painful, it wasn’t great. However, I was so unfit before the accident.

The Northern Echo: Simon CowellSimon Cowell (Image: Bang Showbiz)

“I didn’t know how unfit I was until I had to do all this stuff afterwards, And I’m like, ‘My God.’

“Things like that, I believe, happened for a reason. I’m still going to stay on my bike, I'm obsessed with those things."

The former American Idol judge - who has lost more than 40lbs since the incident and has cut down on alcohol- recently admitted that he was "so close" to spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair following the smash.

He added that the accident had actually given him a "positive outlook" on life.

Speaking to The Sun, Simon said: "I was so close to living the rest of my life in a wheelchair, it gives you a completely different outlook on life.

“In a positive way. It hurt - trust me - when it ­happened, but good things happened off the back of it.

"If I had to go through this all over again I actually would do it, because I think breaking my back was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

“I didn’t know really how unfit I was until I had to start doing all the exercises. But I feel better today than I did three years ago when it happened."